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Why should I use CTQDROs?

My lawfirm does nothing but QDROs. We are efficient and cost effective. We charge a flat fee, for which we draft the order to conform not only to the terms of the judgment but also to the retirement plan’s rules and procedures. We submit the QDRO to the plan administrator for preapproval, circulate it for party signatures, send it to the court for its entry as an order and serve the QDRO on the plan administrator. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the QDRO and the process without additional charge.

We are neutral when we draft QDROs. We do not advocate for either party, and are respectful to both parties.

I have been drafting QDROs since 1992. We handle a large volume of QDROs and have a good relationship with many of the plan administrators in this area and throughout the country.

If the attorneys request, we copy them on everything we send out. Many attorneys prefer to just turn the file over to us, knowing that we do not draft advocacy QDROs. In those cases, we notify the attorney when the QDRO process has been completed.

Attorneys who use my office for QDROs are welcome to call with questions they may have as they draft their separation agreements. I will review the proposed language without charge.