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No Attorney-Client Relationship is Created by Use of this Website: Neither your receipt of information from this website, nor your use of this website to contact the Law Office of Elizabeth L. McMahon or CTQDROs.com creates an attorney-client relationship between you and the Law Office of Elizabeth L. McMahon.

No Legal Advice Intended:  The information contained in this website is to provide you with a basic understanding about QDROs and various types of retirement plans, but may not reflect the most current legal developments or address all of the aspects of a particular type of retirement plan.   These informational materials are not intended, and should not be taken, as legal advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances.

Third Party Websites:  As a convenience, this website may provide links to third-party websites.  Such linked websites are not under the control of Law Office of Elizabeth L. McMahon or CTQDROs.com and we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of such websites.

To Attorneys:  Whenever I deal with a QDRO file, I strive to remain neutral.  You are welcome to contact me for information about a retirement plan or suggestions for language to include in the separtion agreement, but please understand that no attorney- client relationship will be created between my firm and yours or either party.  Opposing counsel is welcome to call me with questions as well.

To Parties: No attorney-client relationship is created by the use of my services to draft QDROs: My role is to draft an order that conforms to the judgment.  I do not advocate for or represent either party, regardless of who hires me.  If a disagreement arises over the interpretation of your judgment as it relates to the QDRO, I will refer you back to your attorneys and step back until the matter is resolved.